Become a Saal Digital Reseller

30 % Discount until 28-02-2022

In these difficult times, the most important thing now is to stick together and we want to do our part to support you. Therefore, we have decided to increase the starting level of the reseller discount from the beginning to 30 % until 28-02-2022.

10 % 30 % Discount *

Valid until 28-02-2022

Guaranteed discount on all products for at least 12 months

15 % 30 % Discount *

Valid until 28-02-2022

From an average turnover of goods worth € 100 per month or € 1200 within the past 12 months

20 % 30 % Discount *

Valid until 28-02-2022

From an average turnover of goods worth € 200 per month or € 2400 within the past 12 months

30 % discount and more *

Contact us if you exceed these turnovers and we will get in touch.

* The discount is valid on all products for the next 12 months from the start of the term. The discount will be adjusted immediately after the revenue threshold has been reached. A possible downgrade will only take place if the revenue threshold is not reached after 12 months. Revenue threshold means the invoice amount excluding VAT and shipping costs. Not combinable with other promotions and vouchers.

For photographers, agencies and freelancers

Are you a photographer, an agency or a company? Do you want to sell your customers professional photo products with the highest quality? Then Saal Digital is the right partner for you. Have you just started your own business? We support you right from the start and grant you a discount of 10 % off all products. Depending on the order volume, your discount might be adjusted.

Overview of conditions

  • Your personal discount is stored directly in your account after successful registration
  • Benefit from a 10 % discount on all products right from the start
  • There is no minimum turnover, no fees, no time limitation.
  • Possibility of getting a higher discount when reaching the specified net turnover
  • There are no fees and no time limit
  • Not combinable with other offers and vouchers
  • Non-transferable

Your advantages as a reseller

Professional Zone

In the professional zone, you will find information about dimensions, calibration and data preparation. With our Saal Design Plugins for Adobe Photoshop and Adobe InDesign as well as our professional upload, you can design your products in your own software.

ICC Profiles

Color management for professionals. Work in accordance with ICC specifications to ensure the best possible results. Use our ICC Profiles for calibration for an optimal color result.

Sample Products Program


50% discount onsample products. Create your own personal portfolio and present your customers with high-quality products such as photobooks, wall decorations and cards.

Professional Line

Offer your customers that little extra something. Handmade, with a leather cover and, as always, without the manufacturer's logo. Our Professional Line products, with their luxurious acrylic glass cover and leatherette cover, deliver a very special experience. The attractive presentation will be rounded off by the exclusive gift box.

Top kwaliteit

Hoogwaardige fotoproducten in briljante kwaliteit - dat is waar Saal Digital voor staat. Ons doel is het om u altijd de maximale productkwaliteit te bieden. Uw foto's zijn bij ons in de beste handen!

Snelle levering

Natuurlijk wilt u uw bestelling zo snel mogelijk in huis hebben. Met een productietijd van slechts enkele werkdagen is uw levering in een handomdraai bij u, zelfs met expreslevering op aanvraag.

Direct uit eigen laboratorium

Transparantie is belangrijk voor ons: om deze reden ontvangt u al onze producten direct uit ons eigen laboratorium. Daarmee kunnen we tevens een snelle levering en een directe communicatie garanderen.

We doen bij al onze fotoproducten afstand van ons fabrikantenlogo. Op deze manier krijgt u een volledig neutraal product in topkwaliteit en kunt u zonder beperkingen het gehele oppervlak gebruiken om naar uw eigen wensen te ontwerpen.

Betalen zonder risico

Betaalmethoden voor uw bestellingen: betaal snel en gemakkelijk met creditcard of PayPal.


Bij Saal Digital bestelt u zonder risico, want uw tevredenheid is de kern van onze bedrijfsfilosofie. Wij willen dat u helemaal tevreden met uw product. Is er nog iets waar u niet tevreden over bent? Laat het ons weten, wij zullen zeker een snelle en tevredenstellende oplossing voor u vinden. Dit kan in de vorm van een herproductie, waardebon of creditnota.

Most common questions about the reseller program

What happens after the 12 months?

After 12 months we would gladly extend the validity for another 12 months. The voucher will be deactivated after 12 months without use. But you are welcome to sign up again if needed.

Will the reseller discount be automatically applied to my orders?

No, in order to receive the respective discount, you must be logged into your account.

What does net turnover mean?

The net turnover is the actual invoice value, without taxes or shipping costs. In addition, refunded orders will also be deducted from the calculated net turnover.

What happens if my sales are seasonal?

It's not a problem, as long as you reach your net sales of the respective discount level within the last 12 months, you will keep this discount for at least 12 months.

Are there any other benefits?

We offer exclusive individual offers for your exhibitions / projects / bulk orders. Further information can be found here.

How can I apply for a higher discount?

If you qualify for a higher discount, please contact us via this form. We will examine your case individually.

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